Saturday, April 14, 2007

Koh Chang: the Island of the grate Waterfalls, lagoons and beaches

Searching for a place to swim you should be very careful. Almost all the shores are rather shallow. So you have to walk for long to get your legs under water. But hardly every shore is purged of the rocks. It is especially hard to bathe in the rain season when the water is troubled and you cannot see the sharp rocks. Instead my family had a great swim in the lagoon of Klong Prao. The sea was the purest and cool, the view was fantastic. We could sail about the lagoon and have a good meal in one of the water restaurants. There are many amusing boats in the lagoon. You can have a good lagoon trip by this river Tuk-tuk.
The deepest pleasure came after a visit to the waterfall. There are several beautiful waterfalls on Koh Chang. They are Khlong Phlu 2.5 miles from Ban Clong Nonsi and Khlong Nung, which approximately 2 miles from Ban Salakphet. We chose Khlong Phlu, Which nearest to our hotel and were not mistaken. There was a mysterious beauty. I was not sure if the royal family of Thailand had visited it but its grandeur impressed us much. We visited the place in the rain season and took great pleasure of the walk and watch of the fullest waterfall. Even if you would prefer to take a taxi you will have to go on foot the last mile along a narrow path to the fall. It costs THB 200 to enter the park reserve. But it is worthy more. It is forbidden to smoke, drink and even eat anything so the territory is absolutely clean and pure. Two guards keep the order very eagerly. You can bathe in the river at the waterfall but it is very fast. There are special ropes tied for your safety but in addition these two people watch thoroughly. As for snakes and other dangerous creatures none of my family or friends saw one. Apart from a spider, this got so scared by my camera. Once I was nearly lucky to see a snake but it crawled away so fast that I was not able to shoot it with my Canon.

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