Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Koh Chang Island – the best alternative of Pattaya and Phuket for lovers, divers and other Thai addicts

I cannot say that after two young Russian girls’ tragic death on Jomtien beach in Pattaya, Thailand becomes unattractive holiday resort for me. You can accidentally come across such dregs like Anuchit Lamlert anywhere in the world, though I can hardly fancy that happen on the Nissy beach. No one will manage to make me stay in the Dragon Beach Hotel. It is not the warnings that turn me around but the place as it is terribly inconvenient. Moreover I will not go out at five o’clock in the morning because you can feel anxious even in Central Park at this time of the day. I still hope there are some safe areas in Thailand where we will not meet such gunned criminals for long. One of them is Chang Island in the province of Trat. To be exact The Chang is not an island. It is the Chang Archipelago consisting of 52 islands. Chang Island is the biggest among the others and the second largest island in Thailand which has remained a reserved territory so far. It also benefits from the fact that the Royal Family of Thailand has visited it many times. We can consider that as the best example where to enjoy the holidays. The island is the ideal place for those who prefer snorkeling and other family activities. Here you come to an absolutely different Thailand, nice and peaceful and quiet. You can find it a little boring after Bangkok and Pattaya. But if a deserted island or lonely beach is what you look for, so this is the place!
Most of the scenic beaches and bays are located on the western side, extending from the north to the south. They include Ao Khlong Son, Hat Sai Khao, Hat Khlong Phrao and Hat Kai Bae. A road cuts through the western shore almost all the way to Hat Kai Bae. From here, a nature trail through Ao Bai Lan and Ao Kruat meanders through wet forestland to Ban Bang Bao, a fishing community located at the foot of the hill in the south.
Klong Son Beach (Half Moon) located on the northern end of the island is the first beach that greets you after disembarking at the ferry pier. It has a scenic cape with a stretch of sand and plenty of coconut trees.
Five Star Resort F THB600 - 1150
Premwadee Resort THB500 - 1500
White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao), the most popular and most commercial, features a long strip of powdery sand and slopes gently into the sea. Palm trees line the beach while forested hills lurk in the background. During low tide, the beachfront becomes much wider and consequently attracts lots of beachgoers. The northern end is sandy and quiet, while the southern end has plenty of stones. Be cautious when swimming since the currents can be strong and there are no lifeguards on duty. White Sand Beach is the hub of many activities, where people like to take a stroll while watching the sunset. Various sport activities, such as football, volleyball and Frisbee games, regularly take place along the beach. You can find a number of hotels at suitable prices below:
Alina Resort SB THB 750 - 2300
Arunee Resort SB THB 600 - 1600
Bamboo Bangalow SB THB 500 - 2000
Banpu Koh Chang Hotel SB, G THB 1900 - 6350
Cookie Hotel & Bungalow SB THB 680 - 4400
K.C.Grande Resort SB, G THB2250 - 3960
Koh Chang Grand View Resort SB THB 600 - 2500
Koh Chang Hillside Hotel THB500 - 2000
Koh Chang Hut CB THB 500 - 3000
Koh Chang Lagoon Resort SB, G THB 1300 - 5600
Plaloma Cliff Resort RB, CB, G THB 900 - 2200
White Sand Beach Resort SB, F THB 360 - 2300
Had Kai Mook is a pebbled beach near a tropical garden setting and you can enjoy the sight of giant clams on the beach.
Buddy House THB 1900 - 3000
Enjoy Resort RB THB 400 - 1600
Jane Chalet Resort RB, CB, F, G THB 1370 - 3450
Keereta Resort & Spa Koh Chang THB 1600 - 3180
Koh Chang Privilege Resort RB, G THB 700 - 2480
Para Resort G THB 1000 - 1350
Penny Resort RB, G THB 1000 - 3000
Remark Cottage Resort & Restaurant RB, G THB 1400 - 7300
Saffron On The Sea RB THB 500 - 1500
Laem Chaichet, which sits between White Sand and Klong Prao beaches, serves as an ideal spot for onshore fishing and sunset watching. The area is small with a rocky curve that rounds into a bay, thus very peaceful. There are only few bungalows that make the beach less crowded than other beaches. The fishing pier near Laem (cape) Chaichet also serves as a perfect viewpoint for the entire Klong Prao Bay.
Klong Prao Beach starts where the Laem Chaichet ends. It has a beautiful rocky landscape as the others. Resort development has grown rapidly, although the beach itself does not get too crowded. Its hillside location provides the best bay view of Klong Prao Beach and Laem Chaichet. It is around 400-500 metres from Klong Prao Beach.
Barali Beach Resort SB, G THB 2480 - 7600
Boutique Resort & Health Spa G THB 1380 - 1980
Chai-Chet Resort RB THB 800 - 1500
Chokdee Bungalow SB THB 560 - 3600
Coconut Beach Resort SB, G THB 580 - 2880
Iyara Resort G THB 1200 - 1420
Koh Chang Grand Cabana SB, G THB 1880 - 2880
Koh Chang Paradise Resort SB, G THB 1680 - 3180
Koh Chang Resort & Spa SB, G THB 1780 - 3350
Koh Chang Tropicana THB 3500 – 7500
K.P. Bungalow THB 800 - 1800
Magic Resort SB, G THB 250 - 3840
Moon Light Resort B THB 200 - 1700
Royal Coconut Beach Resort SB THB 500 - 1380
Royal Coconut Resort SB THB 500 - 1470
Kai Bae Beach is another great location to watch the spectacular sunset. It has a sandy beach with many palm trees providing plenty of shade. Several islands are so close that you are tempted to wade through the water to reach them. At Kai Bae Village, there are a few small shops, supermarkets, restaurants and internet cafes. Dive shops in front of the Kai Bae Hut provide rental services for boats, canoes, sea kayaks and diving gears to explore the sea and islands. Dive trips are also available during dry season.
K.B.Bungalow SB, G THB 500 - 1500
Kai Bae Hut SB THB 650 - 6000
Siam Bay Bungalow SB, CB, RB THB 1000 – 2500
Amari Beach THB 3200 - 7500
Lonely Beach (Hat Tha Nam) is a small stretch south of Kai Bae. Only 1 km long, it is Tha Nam Beach nicknamed as the Lonely Beach. The beach used to be deserted. More visitors later descended on this small beach. The northern end is one of the best places to swim along the west coast, and is separated from Kai Bae by a forested hill.
Bhumiyama Beach Resort SB THB 2550 - 4050
Siam Beach Resort SB, CB THB 500 - 1500 low season, 800 - 2500 high season
Bang Bao Beach on the southwestern tip is in a fishing community where residents still live in houses built on stilts and are connected by wooden bridges. It is a well-protected bay with a small and quiet beach. There are a growing number of tourist shops, scuba dive outlets and seafood restaurants. New bungalows are available here.
Bang Bao Cliff Cottages RB THB 200 - 300
Bang Bao Sea Hut B THB 1000 - 1800
Koh Chang Hill Resort THB 500 - 1800.
It is easy to get to Chang Island from Bangkok. You can take a plane from Bangkok to Trat which single ticket costs THB 2000. And the flight lasts 50 minutes. There are two flights from Bangkok: at 9.00 A.M. and at 4.10 P.M. and two flights from Trat: 10.20 A.M. and 5.30 P.M.
You can go by bus from Ekkamai bus station. It costs THB 220 but this trip lasts abt. 8 hours.
For more information you can look at: Koh Chang Archipelago’s 52 coral Islands: Maak, Wai, Hood and Kham as residence of snorkeling and lonely hearts, The best seafood in Thai: only on Islands, Koh Chang: the Island of the grate Waterfalls, lagoons and beaches and Koh Chang Island. The long walk to Kai Bae Beach.


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